Fraud Investigation

Our professionals have successfully discovered and helped to prove the elements of fraud in a number of significant cases. By drawing upon accounting and fraud investigative training, and using a combination of sophisticated analytical techniques and common sense, we can unravel the most complex schemes.

We offer independent guidance in internally and externally triggered fraud investigations.

Direct evidence of a person’s intent to deceive is rarely, if ever, available. We must often reconstruct events from imperfect data, using circumstantial evidence. We carefully and thoroughly document our work, and ensure documents are organized in a manner that is easily understood.

Although our services are typically used in the context of civil litigation, our team has assisted clients in referring cases to the Harris County District Attorney’s office for criminal prosecution. We have worked closely with attorneys at the DA’s office and their fraud examiners, and our accounting work has been used in grand jury indictments and as trial evidence.

Our professionals are Certified Fraud Examiners.

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