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Expert Witness Services

Our professionals at Capstone Forensic Group LLC have extensive experience quantifying economic damages across a wide range of industries and have provided expert services in both state and federal courts, as well as arbitration. Some of the areas in which our professionals have provided expert services are:

Lost Profits: Prepared complex lost profits calculations in numerous industries. Also rebutted calculations prepared by opposing experts.

Oil & Gas: Provided services for multiple clients in matters including allowable JIB cost using COPAS guidance, asset retirement obligations, AFE versus actual costs and operator-owned facility charges. Also lost profits arising from contract and supplier-customer disputes.

Intellectual Property: Calculated economic damages including lost profits, unjust enrichment, reasonable royalties in trade secret and patent cases for multiple clients.

Business Interruption: Quantified business interruption losses related to insurance claims.

Family Law: Traced marital assets as well as transfers through numerous bank accounts. Calculated amounts of potential reimbursements to family trust.

Estates, Trusts & Guardianships: Prepared accountings for estates, trusts and guardianships, asset tracing, and forensic accounting for closely held businesses.

Solvency & Fraudulent Transfers: Prepared solvency analyses within the context of litigation and bankruptcy. Also assisted with determination of reasonably equivalent value under TUFTA.

Lost Earnings of Individuals: Lost earnings from personal injury, employment termination or medical malpractice for multiple clients.

By working closely with attorneys and corporate clients, we can provide assistance with deposition, trial and arbitration testimony related to our forensic accounting services.

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